jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Music files in NAS don't mean your library can't be local!

Hey geek friends, iTunes wonderers, and other music library nerds.

I found out that my itunes library file could be moved very easily. (maybe some of you knew it already)

1. I needed to set up iTunes from scratch (that's why i tempted this)

  • My music files are on a NAS.
  • I mounted the music folder of this NAS on my Desktop.
  • I launched iTunes to index all my files (set the library path to /volumes/music/) with the organize option on.
  • Itunes index all my files without moving them.
Nothing too crazy here.

2. The problem
  • iTunes placed the .itl file inside the music folder on the NAS.
  • You may know that this file is the database iTunes uses to search among your files in its interface.
  • When this file is on the NAS, iTunes is very slow, (it has to make requests to a database that's not local), unless you're connected to the NAS in Gigabit. (I use WIFI in my place most often).

3. The solution

The solution was to move the .itl file to a folder on my computer.

4. The risk

The risk was that iTunes would not find the music files anymore... but it seems all links inside the .itl file are absolute.

5. The Re-set
  • I launched iTunes with the alt-key pressed and chose as library, the .itl file I had just put in a local folder.
  • My full library reappeared and I could scroll and search and play songs in it 1000 faster than before.

If anything went wrong, I can still go back to my previous library by relaunching iTunes with alt-key pressed and selecting my previous lib file (that's still stored on the NAS... as for backup).

Hope that helps... I had been scared of destroying my library but I haven't !

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